Monday, January 18, 2016

Why do I have to adult today?

Here comes another Monday and after a weekend of over indulging you get up and think "I really don't want to do this" & "Why do I have to be an adult today?" 

Well you don't have to if you don't want to reach any of your goals. If you want to have a hectic week trying to play catch up because you weren't  prepared.

Maybe you need to have your motivational quote ready to repeat in your head.
Mine for the week is 

I was very discouraged on Sunday. I got on the scale and did my measurements. I had been feeling thinner and hadn't checked in with those for a month.

Only down 2 lbs and 1 inch. I was ready to cry, how can that be!! I had been getting my butt up every day and working out, getting my steps in and keeping my carbs under 20g a day.

Well, I only let it bother me for a little bit and then realized that if I felt better and thinner than I shouldn't care what a scale says! That should really be our goal, to FEEL better. 


Monday- Cheeseburger casserole
(loose ground hamburger w/cheese, pickles, sugar-free ketchup,mustard)
Tuesday- Pulled Pork w/asparagus
Wednesday- Chicken salad
Thursday- Breakfast casserole
Friday- Fathead Pizza
(this will be my first attempt at this, here is the link if you would like to try it)

I am trying to extend my fasting. I am only going to eat between 11 am- 4pm.
I had been doing 9am-6pm but I am feeling less hungry and more full with my meals so it's time to change it up. If you are curious about Intermediate fasting here is a link to an article that I found informative.


I am so tired of searching for a new workout so I am going to go back to following Jillian Michaels 30 day shred schedule that I found on Pinterest in December. One less thing I need to stress about. 
I will continue to be on the look out for a routine I like better.

I worked really hard to get my steps in last week on my Fitbit because I was in a challenge with others. I had read somewhere that cardio shouldn't be a priority if you were trying to build muscle.
I don't think that I can give up on my cardio. I need to get my endurance up. May will be here soon and the last thing I want to do is have to turn around on the trail. I was going to add on my backpack with some of my walks this week and ease into that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and let that continue through out the week!

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