Monday, January 11, 2016

Workout and meal Prep

Today is my Birthday! I have one more year in my 30's. 

I started my day with a nice workout. Popsugar is always a good go-to workout video.

Saturday I was looking for something longer and harder and boy did I find it! I did a Bob Harper video. Holy cow! I wanted to die but I did it. I had my music up so I couldn't really hear him but what I did, I wasn't impressed. He seems kind do I put this? full of himself, to be nice. I understand he has a right to be because everyone thinks he's this great trainer but I think it has gone to his head. 
I will never do one of his videos again.

Sunday was prep day and I had to share this funny picture of all my eggs. I am glad that I like eggs because I did my hard boiled, scrambled and a casserole.

I did good this weekend with celebrating my birthday too. Everyone that wanted to do something was very aware of my WOE and they were supportive. The waitress at Applebee's didn't even look at me funny when I said no bun on my burger.

I took this picture and thought I would share it. I was nervous about posting it on my Instagram because I usually don't put myself out there for the world to see.

 The top is almost a month ago and the bottom was Saturday after working my butt off. Funny thing is, I have weighed the exact same for months now. I will be happy when it starts to come off. I guess I should be happy to see my body changing, even if it is slight.

So I have decided to start posting on M-W-F instead of what I had been on M-T & Th-F. I figured I don't get a lot of views so maybe if I had more time in between posts to work on making my posts more interesting, people might come see what I have to say.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is staying dry and warm.

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