Friday, January 29, 2016

You can accomplish a lot in 10 Minutes!

Since creating my last workout list I have found some very fun, intense and quick workouts. I hadn't realized how sweaty you could get with a good 10 minute workout and you could probably fit in a couple during your day, even if you usually wonder where your next spare minute is going to come from.

First one on my list I did on Monday and thought it was great addition to my 30 shred video.

Victoria Secrets Model Workout:

This mainly focuses on your legs. It sure gets you sweaty. You could do this workout any where and the reason I thought of this was because the instructor makes the comment about doing it in front of the sink! Perfect idea. You don't move much out of the area it takes to step to the side. 
I will be doing this one often.

10 minute full body workout with Holly Perkins:

I happen to follow Holly Perkins on Instagram and she has good workouts so I'm sure this will be the same. It says it's a 12 minute but the timer on the screen say 10. Either way it's not much. Throw it on at the end of a weight routine. 

10 minute P90X:

So I am not the biggest Tony Horton fan but what's 10 minutes, just turn up the music and go for it. This video has a few moves I have yet to see on any other video. That's why I chose it, to see how well they do. I noticed in the comments people had problems with their mats staying put so beware.

10 Minute total body strength workout:

This is a jessicasmithtv video. I like her videos. She has lots of different lengths and different areas to focus on. I would recommend following her on YouTube to get all of her video.

OK, so I am noticing a trend. Most 10 minute workout videos are produced by Popsugar or Fitsugar. 

Intermediate total body workout with dumbells:

This workout says 15 minutes in the title and 13 minutes on the timer. I just have to say that there were times that I heard a voice but she's so smiley that I couldn't tell if it was her talking but that should have nothing to do with the video, just me being weird. It is actually a good little video.

Picture courtesy of the NYPL digital library

I hope that you all can find a little ME time and get a little sweaty. Remember, it's good for you!

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