Monday, February 15, 2016

Favorites Friday

I wanted to create and share a collection of stuff done with my favorite product, Chalk Art Markers. I found these markers on Pinterest and had to order them. I love them. You can write on any non-porous surface and it wipes right off. I have created a fun calendar on my fridge, little notes on mirrors and drawings on my laptop. 
(Some of these are just done with plain chalk also).

So I went through and found some fun ideas to share to help you get inspired.

* First of all I found post on chalkboard 101 and thought that this was a great intro. Here is the link to the post to help get you started.

* This link from is called Chalk it Up and it's not really about chalk or chalkboards but it has a few examples of chalk art posters that would be cute to do on a chalkboard somewhere.

I have got to share this. I'm so glad that I am not the only one who needs a little help making their chalkboards look good. Thank you buzzfeed for posting this hack!! I will be using it I'm sure because my hand-lettering hasn't gotten any better. 

* This is just a picture that I found on Pinterest, there is no website attached, just this link. It's a holiday theme

* Same with this one. Pinterest has plenty of inspiration that comes with no tutorials or explanations, just pictures of neat things. I don't want to post them because I don't want the creator to not get credit. This one was done by someone talented! It is about playing pool.

* You never know where you will find inspiration. This is a home decor website and they have displays of real homes with chalkboards in them.

I could go on and on and just copy everyone's Pinterests but I think I'll end it now hoping I got you thinking.

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