Thursday, February 25, 2016

How do you get your workout?

OK, so I was wondering what's the big deal with all these subscription based workouts? I've heard about them but have never been one to pay for videos when I can find them for free on YouTube and they are just as good, but I keep getting a notice of a free 30 day trial so I figured I would do a little looky lou and see what's the difference.
I found this article that gives there advice on the best streaming workouts and I went from there. Jessica Smith also does an article on streaming workouts, which I found interesting because I subscribe to her on YouTube and LOVE her!

DailyBurnThey advertise unbeatable variety. They offer 18 different programs from 8 different trainers. They also offer meal plans and suggestions about vitamins. If you like Bob Harper from Biggest Loser than this would be something you might like (although Bob Harper does have some free videos on YouTube.) Cost: 12.95/month

Beachbody: Just like DailyBurn, Beachbody offers 30 day free trial. Currently they have 11 programs which include the popular P90X and Insanity. There are 7 trainers which include Tony Horton and Shaun T. They also offer meal plans. Cost: 9.95/month

FitFusion: Now this one I didn't even know was out there until I watched an episode of the reality show Jillian Michaels is filming. Since it's a Jillian Michaels company you can get her videos and 39 other trainers have videos on this platform. It doesn't look like they offer the meal plan option, but clearly there is more videos to choose from. I did notice that some of the videos give you an option to rent for 2.99. Cost: 9.99/month

OK so since I touched on the paid options I want to share the free options which I use. I don't really need the meal plans because you can find those on Pinterest.

FitnessBlender: This is a married couple that have a wonderful website with options to create a workout calendar to track what you want to do. They have a wide variety of choices. I do find that sometimes they move to slow for me but it's free and they put a lot of work into it so I use them often.

PopSugar/FitSugar: There are many different trainers and guess trainers on this site. There are also videos for all body parts and experience levels. I don't use them often but I have found a few good videos I go back to.

JessicaSmithTV:  She is so fun to follow along with. She has videos for whatever your interests are and her voice doesn't annoy me (which if you follow me, you know I have a problem with).

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