Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's keep things clean!

So I have never been a messy person, but I feel like I have slacked off lately. I use to live in a small house so I didn't want clutter or dirt to be visible. 
Now I live in a house that's way to big for me and I feel like I can't stay on top of the dirt. It doesn't help that I have 3 large, long haired dogs that shed like crazy. 

This brought me to create a cleaning checklist. I am going to print it out and laminate it so I can use a dry-erase marker on it. You can print it off here if it looks like something you could use. There isn't a lot to it because I have no kids at home to clean up after. Just the basics.

I think I finally have this sharing a printable thing figured out. I thought I did with my Valentines post but I forgot to create a link to it. I signed up for a free 30 days of Picmonkey so I am trying to be creative while it's free.

I did find some other printables on Pinterest that might suit your needs better. has a more detailed checklist and it says that you can alter it if you want. This one is a daily, weekly and monthly checklist.

I hope that you find something that helps you stay on top of the household chores that bog most of us down.

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