Monday, February 8, 2016

Workout Playlist

I had to take a week off from workouts due to Dr's orders so it gave me time to get pumped up for next week.
I decided it was time to add some new music to my playlist. I HAVE to have music and upbeat music at that. I know that most videos have some sort of instrumental music going in the background but that just doesn't cut it for me. It has to be loud and fast.

I know that I said I didn't think I could continue to do Fitness Blender because they were to slow, Well I am giving it another week. They have a a five day plan that I'm going to try. Each day is roughly 55 mins so that works for me. I need more than 20 minutes.

So this is my new playlist

1. Peanut Butter/ Galantis    

I love this song! I'm obsessed

2. Dancing on Glass/ St. Lucia

3. WTF/ Missy Elliott

Who doesn't love a good Missy Elliott song, she can get you moving!

4. Harlem/ New Politics

This song is super fun. It's one that I just found by chance and love now.

5. Groove is in the Heart/ Deee-Lite

This is a classic that I had on a playlist on a different phone but hadn't added it back yet.

6. Ex's & Oh's/ Elle King
I LOVE HER! She has got some good songs, not just for working out.

7. Stitches/ Shawn Mendes
This one I found cause I got this CD for my niece. Big fan!

8. Troublemaker/ Olly Murs
OK, so I am behind the times. This was big in 2014 I guess but new to me.

9. Worth it/ Fifth Harmony

10. Black Magic/ Little Mix
I had this one pop up on my Spotify suggestions and at first I was not impressed but then I played it a few times and now I like it. It has a good beat.

I created a playlist on my Amazon Prime but I couldn't figure out a way to share it here. My list is about an hours worth but I didn't want to make this post drag on.

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