Friday, March 25, 2016

Creating a way to save your family history

In my last post I shared how to start making a tree and this original post I start it with why you should be your family historian. I hope that I have sparked your interest in doing your family history. Now I want to share with you how I save all my information.
If you are like me then you want to have a hard copy of the information you found. Yes, it's nice to have it all handy on your computer but some times it's nice to take a big fat binder full of information along with you to say a family reunion. This way you don't have to worry about internet connections.

This is your standard pedigree layout for your information in your family. Most charts come this way but you can switch them around to what calls portrait or do a fan chart. This would just be a preference thing.

I myself do not print it off this way. I like the idea of each individual family having their own sheet of information.
I want to have LOTS of information to tell a persons story.

I have found so much information that each side of my family has their own binder full. I have even created a binder for my husbands family.

This is my fathers side of the family's binder and I have another one for my mothers side.
What is it that you might want to keep to put in your binder?
Well, I print off at least one census record.
What is a census record? It is a record of where that family lived and it usually has an address, ages, occupations and where they were born! So exciting all the information you can find from a census record, but they also can give you nothing at all. You can only search 1940's and back and the 1900's and back usually are not as detailed as the newer ones. Don't count them out though, search for them.

I also like to find proof of death. Cemetery records also can be full of information. I like to be able to go and see the headstone and get a rubbing of it. I know this may sound weird but that's just my preference. I am not saying it is something you have to do.

Pictures are nice to have but some times finding pictures online is hard. If I have access to the family then I will ask for a picture to go along with the person. Some times you will find that someone put one on to go along with the obituary. Searching newspapers is always an option but some are only available with paid subscription. Google is a wonderful resource. I Google everyone! You never know what you will find.

If you don't want to get all detailed about the information and creating a page for each individual then once you have entered all the information on the person you can just print off the page and keep that. I started to do that after a side of my family got to large to keep doing individual persons. The binder has gone through a thinning out process.

Some people will get a file folder totes and each family will have it's own file. That would confuse me. I have marked all my lines with certain colors and signs to know which person is coming from who, and I think if they each had their own file I would get confused.
But to each his own! Family history can be as easy or a complicated as you want it to be. I look at mine as like a scrap book.

If you have any fun ideas on ways that you save your family information please share. I am always looking for creative ideas.

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