Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter printables!

Easter has many great things that go along with the holiday. We celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus and then we get to hunt for chocolate, I mean what's better.

I created a couple printables and wanted to share how my decorative eggs turned out.

You can download to print here.

I tried to make some string eggs to hang on a tree. I used embroidery string and wrapped it around little water balloons (which are hard to blow up) and I covered them with glue.
So I didn't make a tutorial for this because it turned out a MESS! and there are lots of good ones on Pinterest. I ended up having to just use my fingers and rubbing the glue all over because I just have that kind of luck when doing a craft haha.

You pop the balloons when it's dry and Wallah! I spray painted a branch I found in my yard.

I also created a religious printable you can download here.

What are some of your favorite traditions with the Easter holiday?

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