Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to create a sliding door from stuff found @ ReStore!

OK,  I have this opening into my kitchen that is wider than a normal door opening and I think it's a smidge shorter, anyway, every time I get up to go into the kitchen my dogs think I'm getting food. Very annoying!! When I'm trying to cook they are under my feet and it makes the process harder than it needs to be, so I had an epiphany the other night...close the opening!

This is what I did. First I measured the opening and the wall that the door would slide onto. Now my door does stick out a little over the opening because of a header that couldn't be moved, but that's just fine. 
With my measurements I headed off to the store. I always start at Menards just because I want to get a price comparison on how much my project would be if I bought everything new and to make sure that they have stuff if I need it.
I went to our local ReStore and found me 2 doors. They looks like closet doors maybe, but since my opening wasn't standard I got a 20' and a 24' to piece together. One was beat up and had holes but since I would have to fill the knob holes anyways, who cares. They didn't have anything else I needed! Boo
Back to Menards I go. I grab my pipe, now I'm thinking that it's ok they don't have my size because I can cupple them together since I was using a hook at the top....NO! Do not do that. Go to Home Depot and get a longer piece of pipe and have them cut it and re-thread it, way easier that lifting the door up and over the joined pieces. I also grabbed my casters, handle, joining braces and the hooks. I'm thinking I'm good to go.

This is what it looked like when I started joining the doors together. I couldn't come up with anything else and figured it wouldn't be to noticeable once it was painted.

I had already filled the knob holes when I decided to take a picture so I could share this. For that I just used hole patched and puddy. I doubled up on the patch so as to not loose all the puddy into the hole since there was nothing behind it.

After getting it snug together and 3 braces on each side. I attached the casters to the bottom and the hooks to the top. Now before I forget, DO NOT get moving casters!! I made that mistake and every time I would roll it back they would twist and I couldn't pull it back out. Plain, one way casters is what you need.

With all the pieces on it was time to put it in place and make sure I even would want it there and how it would look.

As you can see it sticks out a bit but there's nothing that can be done about it and it really just makes the door opening a normal sized door anyway. So I'm liking it and it needs pain to cover up the braces and the fact that they are 2 different doors. So I paint it and that's all that can be done until I have more hands. 
Now we put up the first pipe and realized that we needed to have a full piece of pipe so down it came. Then we noticed that the top hooks were not sliding that well, so down it came. Finally with different hooks, casters and pipe. It was complete!

And this is what it looks like slid closed.

You obviously can tell it's 2 different doors but they were 30$ as apposed to what I would've paid brand new for a couple doors, or even having to have one custom size the size was different. So with that I really don't care if you can tell that they are different. I was going to just paint them the same as the wall but then I thought the braces would stick out to much so I went dark.

I hope this inspires you to take on a project that you have wanted but weren't sure you could.

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