Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why you should be your family historian

I am my family historian and I wanted to share why it is so important to become your family historian.

First: what is a family historian and how do we go about becoming one?
Well it's a pretty simple explanation of a family historian, you are the person in charge of collecting and keeping your family's history. All you need to do is start compiling information from your elders, asking questions. 
Some families will have it easier than others. There doesn't need to be just one family historian if it's a big family and certain people only want to focus on one branch and do all their information, that will give you some idea of information that needs to be recorded.

Second: It gives you a sense of belonging to know your family history.
From experience, I didn't really know much about my family history. It wasn't something that was talked about growing up and also my parents separated so I didn't get to know one side. So in doing my family history it has given me a sense of roots per-say. It makes me wish that I had heard these stories first hand but to find records online will just have to do .

Third: Giving the next generation the gift of knowledge.
I want to make sure that my children and grandchildren know what wonderful, rich history they come from. It is something that everyone should be proud of, even if your line isn't full of history makers and famous people, you should still be proud of the every day struggles that families went through just to survive and thrive.

I have been doing family history for about 3 years now and have binders full of information that I never knew would be possible. I read this article and it encouraged me to write this post to hopefully pass on the urge to look into your family history. It really isn't as daunting a task as some may think, it's actually quite fun!

Feel free to ask what steps you should take to become your family historian. I plan on writing more on this subject.

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