Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Creating a playlist to go hiking

My husband and I have had plans to hike Pikes Peak in May and we have been going out and getting practice hikes in when we can. One thing we have found is that it is wonderful to enjoy the quiet of the outdoors but when you are an hour into a really tough climb, MUSIC helps!

When you feel like there is no way you are going to make it up the hill like you are just going to stay right there until someone can come get you (which we now usually won't happen) sometimes that right song with the right tempo is what's going to get it done.

Cause everyone needs a little musical inspiration.

Like with anything I do I usually go to Pinterest to see if I can find inspiration. This time, it was a dud! I was only finding folksy music and nothing really with a faster tempo like I love to listen to until I came across this post and it gave me great advice.

Thoughts I had already, I just needed someone to say them first. You know how it is, it sounds good in your head but if someone else says it first then you don't feel crazy!

My playlist had to be something that didn't just inspire me to keep moving but it had to not annoy my husband. We don't exactly have the same taste in music. He loves it fast and heavy when I like mine fast and poppy. So my playlist had to be a good mix of both.

For my part, I just went through my workout playlists. If I listen to it to get through a long workout where I want to quit then it would work for a tough incline.

For hubby I had to go through stuff he listens to and make sure it wasn't laced with curse words and it was something I could get into. What I came up with will probably be turned down or not turned on if there are other people within earshot, which I know is good trail etiquette anyway.

This is what I finally came up with, warning! there are some explicit songs. I made this a YouTube playlist since I still can't figure out how to share my Amazon playlists.
Benders Hiking Playlist

*If you have any go to, favorite songs that get you through a hard workout or tough hike, please share.

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