Friday, April 22, 2016

5 fun Mother's Day gift ideas for little hands

My kids are all grow, but I love to see the fun things you can do with tiny little hands so I put a few of them together in one post.

1. "I love you this much" card:  Tutorial here

2. Butterfly card with poem:  Tutorial here

3. Hand-print flower bags:  Tutorial here

4. Hand-print flowers:  Tutorial here

5. Mother's Day Poem:  Tutorial here

I feel like Mother's Day is such a great day to give and receive wonderful homemade gifts. It means that you took the time to be creative with your own hands. 
YES, a piece of jewelry would be nice! but it doesn't come from the heart it comes from the store. 
I hope that you mothers out there have a wonderful day full of love! And when I say mothers I want to add that there are all sorts of ways to be a mother, it doesn't necessarily mean you gave birth to a human child :) I am a doggie mom. 

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