Monday, April 11, 2016

5 of my favorite Keto/LCHF blogs and why you should love them too

There is a lot more people in the world eating Low Carb High Fat and trying to be in Ketosis than there use to be. Just the thought of eating fat use to be taboo and everything was made low-fat.
I first learned about the removing carbs from my WOE (way of eating) 10 years ago when I happened upon an Atkins book at the Goodwill. It worked well for me for as long as I stuck to it, but I am a pizza lover! and it just got to be problematic.

So of course the weight came back on! About a year ago I found the Whole30 and cut out all processed food and sugars. It was great but it didn't really give me the results I wanted. Wait didn't I use to not eat carbs and lost a bunch of weight? So my thought was Atkins because I had yet to find the wonderful world of Keto.

I wanted to do this post because doing this kind of eating makes it hard to find alternatives for your favorite junk,sugar loaded foods and I have found that everyone is routing for you and the Keto community is wonderful. There are more than just these 5 but I had to not have a post the size of a e-book.

1. Martina is such a nice person. She has done such a wonderful job with making sure that we have new and fun recipes to try. She also has cookbooks you can buy and some free E-books she will share with you. There are challenges that really bring our little community together. She has created an app too. If you are thinking about doing this WOE than this should be a blog you follow.

2. Now the name should have you wanting to read more! Kyndra drew me in and I love all the fun recipes and how she tries to make sure there are alternatives so everyone can enjoy. Her site also has workouts and meal plans, which I enjoy because sometimes it's nice to see what someone else is eating. It helps to mix it up when you are not using carb filled sides.

3. Is one of the first sites I found when I started researching this WOE. This site should be in your follow list. It is very informative and there are lots of things you can print off to have on hand. I used it to help me create a food binder. There are also free E-books with lots of information in them.

4. I found Amanda through other keto websites and just think she's great. She posts lots of great recipes which is why I follow her on all social media. I love pictures of food too. Amanda does a pretty good job of explaining what Keto is also, so if you were new she would help. She also has a good list of tips and tricks.

5. Last but certainly NOT least! I found Melissa on Pinterest and she is another on that I follow on all social media because she is just fun. I mean come on, look at that name. She has a cookbook you can buy. Lots of great recipes! She also helps with the whole meal planning thing. The struggle is real with that. Sometimes you want a change.

So in closing I just have to say how awesome all these women are and what an inspiration they have been to me over the past few months trying to get use to this WOE. If you are curious or already now the ins and outs, either way give them a look.

* Who are some of your favorites to follow as far as food blogs go? please share

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