Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 of my go to Craft Blogs

    Are you a big crafter? 
    Do you love to get dirty with the next fun project? 

I use to be a big crafter (is that even a word?) but I kind of let it not be as important. I use to search Pinterest for hours looking for then next project that I could do. Being creative is so good for your stress. I still follow crafters just in case the mood strikes.

1. This blog was created and run by sisters. They are pretty busy women with creating apps and writing books. they also have a product line, so they know a thing or two about what they share on their blog. When it comes to crafts their isn't just one kind. There are a multitude of options to choose from so it can be used by many. I would recommend saving this blog to go back to frequently.

2. Because who doesn't love Mod Podge! I have used this product on so many things and like to see what other ideas there are out there. It just takes that one fun craft to call to you and that you can be proud of that you accomplished.

3.  I have followed Lilly @ Listotic for as long as I have had a Pinterest.  Now her blog isn't just craft ideas. There are tips and tricks about everyday things which is always useful. She also shares recipes and there is a Just For Fun section that is nice to see what other people think should be in the fun slot. I highly recommend shaving this blog and following it.

4.  Here I go again with loving and following a blog because I first think the name is awesome. Which usually if a person can create a fun and catchy name then their content can't be that bad...right! and I love how Linda calls herself  a craft addict. I know that I am and addict of so many things so I can relate. When you find things you love it is easy to become addicted. She has a Handmade Gift Exchange which is pretty neat and open to anyone.

5.  Mandy @ SugarBee also has more than just crafts. There are printables and HELLO I love a good printable!  There is recipes. If you are into sewing there's that also. Lots of fun stuff to do with your kids. She has lots of fun contributors also.

Well I hope this post has got you in the mood to get messy and create a work of art! If you have a favorite crafter that inspires you, please share.

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