Monday, April 4, 2016

Finding the running plan that's right for you

Well, here I go again!
I had tried to be a runner last year and worked months at it but got frustrated because I just couldn't get my breathing to work for me instead of against me, so I gave up and walked away....get it, walked haha. I am again thinking this is a goal I can accomplish I just need to figure out how.

So like always I jump on Pinterest and see what I can find.

First off the breath, how was I going to over come this? I started doing Yoga and that has really helped get me to focus on using my breath and also I lift weights and that also teaches you to use your breath for the benefit of getting one more rep in, so it shouldn't be to hard to use it to run that first mile...right!
I found this infographic on breathing that might help you understand why you need to breath properly.

freshworkouts gives 5 ways to help get you running. I don't really know about the calling and talking to someone if you don't have someone who can run with you, cause I can barely breath but I agree with the listening to music. I need that. They also suggest rewarding yourself. I did that before even beginning. I ordered a Garmin Vivofit.

There are lots of suggestions about how to start a running program and everyone will work for someone but I need to figure out which one will work for me. I found this 30 day program on She lays it out nicely and I think that if she didn't ask for sprints I would go with it. I have touchy knees and I'm not sure they would like sprints, not yet.

I really have to share this blogger, and her blog about getting started. She has helped give me a little more desire to get running again and maybe she'll inspire you too.

This is what I finally came up with.

I will walk 5 minutes and run 1 minute for 30 minutes, the first week. The second week I'll walk 4 minutes and run 2. This is kind of how a friend of mine said I should start. Third week I'll go for walking 3 minutes and running 3 minutes. Week four, walking 2 minutes and running 4, then hopefully by the end of the month I can run a full 5 minutes and if I don't hate it I'll keep running.

If anyone has any advice or tips, please feel free to share them with me. I need all the help I can get.

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