Friday, May 6, 2016

to Kettlebell or not to Kettlebell?

In the pursuit of a lean muscular body, are kettlebells the key? Or should you stick with the traditional weight bench with the barbell?

That is what I would like to know. Not wanting to jump on a trendy workout if it doesn't really give me the results I want I had to look into this kettlebell.

WHAT STUDIES SAY has a good article about the differences between free weights and a kettlebell. They say that if you want to bulk you need to stick with the free weights because you can get more onto a barbell than you can out of a kettlebell, which makes sense.
But they also say that if it's not just bulk you want and if you want to burn fat than a kettlebell is they way to go. has a very extensive beginners explanation of what a kettlebell is and how it should be used. They also say that it is NOT a trend and has been around for 100's of years. Good to know! There is a list of 13 reasons to use a kettlebell that is very convincing.
This article is so full of wonderful information that you must read it if you are thinking about using kettlebells. says that they each have their good qualities but the kettlebell will burn more fat due to the cardio aspect of the workouts.


If you wanted to use a kettlebell than make sure you are doing it right to avoid injury and have at it. There are lots of suggested workouts out there to help burn fat.
Also, if you want to add muscle you can use free weights and just add some cardio moves in between sets.
Either way, it all boils down to preference. Some people might shy away from a kettlebell if they have never used it before or others might think they will add to much bulk if they use free weights.

I myself am going to add a kettlebell to my free weight routine and see how it goes.

*Do you use free weights or a kettlebell?

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