Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 5 YouTube workout videos

Having been trying desperately to find a video that I like and can follow for more than a week, I felt like I should share what I have found to be tolerable.
I have a weird pickieness about the way people talk and the speed of the workout so it has been quite the search.

1. Jillian Michaels is going to have to be 1 because I don't mind her voice and the tempo of her workouts are good for me.  

2. Shaun T makes the list as second. He is very up beat. This is only an arm video so it has to be paired with another video and I like to do it first to get my arms loose.

3. PopSugar videos are pretty good. At first I wasn't feeling them because of the voice of one of the instructors but the tempo of the videos are nice and there are so many to choose from. I just turn down the volume and up my music.

4. Fitness Blender is who I started with in January but I felt their tempo was a little slow for me but there are some good videos on their site. You just have to search for them and I will keep at it.

5. GymRa is the page that has the videos, but I will only do Rebecca's videos. The others have a weird voice over and the person doing them looks weird not talking. Rebecca's got a fun accent that makes me motivated, even though she talks a little much.

I have a couple DVD workouts but I haven't tried them yet. I probably should since my internet acts up downstairs so sometimes in the middle of my buffers!

Well those are my top 5 go to workout videos, so far. I am always on the hunt.

Do you have a favorite, go to workout video? 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's in it for me?

"What's in for me?" it's something I have been asking myself with all this trying to better myself and after a lot of pondering this question, I came to my senses. 

Of course everything is in it for me! I am going to feel better and look better.
All the effort of getting healthy is all for me, really. It isn't going to benefit anyone other than myself, much. I mean I'll be around and healthy, longer for my husband and kids, but I will be benefiting the most.

So why doesn't everyone realize this? Well taking time out of our busy lives to get all sweaty doing stuff that sometimes isn't really fun, isn't really fun!

I found that if I had something to work towards daily, I did better.
Like if you have a Fitbit you can join challenges and try to be the winner or you can do a diet bet. Money is always a good motivation. Whatever it is I hope you find it and hold onto it until you reach your goal.

Yesterdays workout was Jillian Michaels. She has come to be my go to when I haven't picked something out. I can always trust that I will get sweaty.

I was given a 21 day fix video that my aunt didn't want.
I did the  30 minute Plyo Fix and it was a good little video. No weights added just a bunch of jumping, which I wasn't feeling because my ankle is acting up again!

Then I did 12 minutes of free weights and 10 minutes on the elliptical. I still have 12,000 steps to get in today! I upped my goal on my Fitbit to help keep me motivated.

I made to most delicious breakfast yesterday. I got the idea from my birthday dinner. A chicken burger, sausage patty, bacon, cheese and a over hard egg!! Yummy. It was so good I took a picture to share.

I have to say that with food like this, why would I not want to do the keto diet.  
This mornings breakfast is scrambled eggs and ground turkey sausage w/ cheese and asparagus. I have been trying to eat just once during the day and it's been brunch time that I do.
I posted this article on my Facebook to share this Doctors points on what the keto diet is.

Two weeks into the new year and I am already onto the 3rd year of the Harry Potter books. I think that since I have seen the movies it is making it easier to read, maybe faster in a way. That will change after the next one.
 I only have seen the one movies that I have because of my daughter. Once she got old enough to go to the movies with friends, I didn't have to see the rest.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Workout and meal Prep

Today is my Birthday! I have one more year in my 30's. 

I started my day with a nice workout. Popsugar is always a good go-to workout video.

Saturday I was looking for something longer and harder and boy did I find it! I did a Bob Harper video. Holy cow! I wanted to die but I did it. I had my music up so I couldn't really hear him but what I did, I wasn't impressed. He seems kind do I put this? full of himself, to be nice. I understand he has a right to be because everyone thinks he's this great trainer but I think it has gone to his head. 
I will never do one of his videos again.

Sunday was prep day and I had to share this funny picture of all my eggs. I am glad that I like eggs because I did my hard boiled, scrambled and a casserole.

I did good this weekend with celebrating my birthday too. Everyone that wanted to do something was very aware of my WOE and they were supportive. The waitress at Applebee's didn't even look at me funny when I said no bun on my burger.

I took this picture and thought I would share it. I was nervous about posting it on my Instagram because I usually don't put myself out there for the world to see.

 The top is almost a month ago and the bottom was Saturday after working my butt off. Funny thing is, I have weighed the exact same for months now. I will be happy when it starts to come off. I guess I should be happy to see my body changing, even if it is slight.

So I have decided to start posting on M-W-F instead of what I had been on M-T & Th-F. I figured I don't get a lot of views so maybe if I had more time in between posts to work on making my posts more interesting, people might come see what I have to say.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is staying dry and warm.