Friday, January 29, 2016

You can accomplish a lot in 10 Minutes!

Since creating my last workout list I have found some very fun, intense and quick workouts. I hadn't realized how sweaty you could get with a good 10 minute workout and you could probably fit in a couple during your day, even if you usually wonder where your next spare minute is going to come from.

First one on my list I did on Monday and thought it was great addition to my 30 shred video.

Victoria Secrets Model Workout:

This mainly focuses on your legs. It sure gets you sweaty. You could do this workout any where and the reason I thought of this was because the instructor makes the comment about doing it in front of the sink! Perfect idea. You don't move much out of the area it takes to step to the side. 
I will be doing this one often.

10 minute full body workout with Holly Perkins:

I happen to follow Holly Perkins on Instagram and she has good workouts so I'm sure this will be the same. It says it's a 12 minute but the timer on the screen say 10. Either way it's not much. Throw it on at the end of a weight routine. 

10 minute P90X:

So I am not the biggest Tony Horton fan but what's 10 minutes, just turn up the music and go for it. This video has a few moves I have yet to see on any other video. That's why I chose it, to see how well they do. I noticed in the comments people had problems with their mats staying put so beware.

10 Minute total body strength workout:

This is a jessicasmithtv video. I like her videos. She has lots of different lengths and different areas to focus on. I would recommend following her on YouTube to get all of her video.

OK, so I am noticing a trend. Most 10 minute workout videos are produced by Popsugar or Fitsugar. 

Intermediate total body workout with dumbells:

This workout says 15 minutes in the title and 13 minutes on the timer. I just have to say that there were times that I heard a voice but she's so smiley that I couldn't tell if it was her talking but that should have nothing to do with the video, just me being weird. It is actually a good little video.

Picture courtesy of the NYPL digital library

I hope that you all can find a little ME time and get a little sweaty. Remember, it's good for you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

new shows that I hope are as good as the hype


If you are a SJP fan than that is one reason to watch. If you have or are going through a divorce there is another. Sarah Jessica Parker will be back on HBO in this new series following a couple who are going through a divorce. I have been through 2 and was with my current husband when he was going though I know a little something about the topic. Release date: N/A

The Night Manager:

I am a big mystery buff and love me some Sherlock and Blacklist so that is why this caught my attention. The cast includes Tom Hiddleston, I mean HELLO who doesn't want to watch more of Loki. I'm sorry that's all I see when I see him, but hopefully this role will change that. It is created from a novel about a British spy. Release date: N/A on AMC

Picture courtesy of


My husband likes a good comic book adaptation, I on the other hand can live without. This on the other hand looks interesting. A person searching for God, with the help of a vampire. I guess when it is written by Seth Rogen it comes with the territory. I am willing to give it a go. Release date: Middle 2016 to AMC.


I have never been into robots and weird fantasies but this is staring Anthony Hopkins, so why not. It is created after a 1973 film of the same name, interesting. Apparently it is set at a futuristic theme park, if your gonna have a theme park if should be futuristic...right. Well the robots get out of control and cause some drama. Release date: N/A on HBO

Those shows all seem kind of serious so here are my two not-so-serious shows I can't wait to see.

Edge and Christian's Show that Totally Reeks of Awesomeness!! 

This link shows a preview of how fun this show is going to be. I don't know how many of you are familiar with the WWE Network but it is like Netflix for wrestling. My husband has to have it and I don't mind it. These two men are no longer wrestling but were awesome in their day and have a variety type show. Release date: After Fastlane on WWE Network for 9.99 a month.

A Series of Unfortunate Events:

The rumors are true! NPH is going to star in the Netflix version of the adaptation of book series. Jim Carrey once played the Dr. but apparently Neil Patrick Harris is planned to put a different spin on the role. I love most things that he has done so I'm sure it will be wonderful. Release date: N/A on Netflix with runs us 7.99 a month

Picture found on

So those are a few of the shows that will be coming out in 2016 that I will be putting in the DVR. If you come across one that is a must see, please share.

Monday, January 25, 2016

5 fun hikes within 55 minutes from Des Moines

 I went on a wonderful hike this weekend. I am not sure who all is familiar with Iowa but it is not exactly what you would call "Prime Hiking Territory"
So I thought I could put together a post for other Iowans or people who may come for a visit, where there are some good areas to hike and also ones I plan to visit.

I first installed the AllTrails App on my phone. LOVE this app and recommend it to anyone who wants to find a place to hike. You can put in your search area and wallah, little gems you never knew were there.

Of course there is always the trusty Ok Google or Bing to look for a place to hike.

1. Browns Woods

Now I put this one on here because it is about 12 minutes west in Des Moines and has recently been updated.I have lived in the area my whole life and until I started wanting to hike, I had no idea it was there. It has a few options as far as length. We choose the almost 4 mile all around the outside but in the middle run other short cuts. A few hills that add to the workout. Does run along the river so some flooding is possible. I give it 4*

2. Ledges State Park

This is a very interesting park and can get very full on a hot summer day. It is roughly 40 minutes north of Des Moines, so we don't get there often but will hit it up again in the spring. The reason the park gets over run is because a river runs through it and onto the road so the kids get out and play in the water. I'm not sure how the trails are, the day we went the park was closed due to flooding so we hiked down in. LOTS of stairs!! My legs wanted to give out so for that reason I give this one 5*

3. Lake Ahquabi

This trail I am told is a good trail to take. It is just the right amount of hills and flat. My cousins live near it and take their kid in a stroller so the gravel is well kept. They say that there is a nice hill to use as practice. I plan on getting down there soon. It is located just outside of Indianola, Ia which is about 25 minutes south of Des Moines. I will rate this at a later time but it has a good rating on

4. Heart of Iowa

I have not heard of half of these trails I keep finding on This trail hasn't been reviewed but I know the area so this will be added to the list. It covers a few counties and would be to long to do in one day but I want to try from Cambridge to Maxwell. Those towns are about 50 minutes north of Des Moines. We use to go watch my nephew play football in Maxwell.

5. Cinder Path

This tail squeaks in right at the 55 Minutes from Des Moines. If you mapqwest it, it says over an hour but we drive down that way all the time and it does not take an hour. So again this is a trail that I have never heard of but am interested. I think since it is 13 miles we probably won't go out and back but park a car at each end and just go one way first. I hope this is a fun trail. They say it's poorly kept so we might have to wait till around end of May or June for it to be dry, just incase.

Well those are my 5 trails that I will be doing sometime within the next few months and they seem to be off the beaten path, which is what I like. I'm not a fan of crowded trails.
I can't wait to one day live somewhere were I have access to trails daily.

What are your favorite places to hike? Do you have a preferred distance?