Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentines Day Printable

Here I go making another attempt at a printable!
Valentines Day is coming up soon and even though it isn't one of my favorite holidays (to many temptations) it doesn't mean that I can't make some pretties. 
I like to decorate the house with hearts and flowers. Pink is not my favorite color but I have grown to like it more than I use to.

Where did Valentines come from? According to Wikipedia, some early Christian martyrs were named Valentine. From martyrs to flowers and chocolates, seems like a big stretch.

The hubby and I usually don't go for the traditional Valentines gifts. It is just another day for us. We always just randomly give each other stuff instead of waiting for a holiday. So that's what made me create this printable. 
It's all random nice things you can do for the other, without buying flowers and chocolates.

This gives you the week leading up to the big day, a new idea each day. I created it on, I love this site. There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating and editing.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and don't O.D. on chocolate :)

Pinterest Projects

I LOVE me some fun, crafty ideas and where else do you go to get inspiration....Pinterest of course! 
With my desire to be healthy and fit, I have not had as much time or energy to be creative. I had to remedy that. It is good for your soul to be creative.

I had been wanting to organize all my pens, pencils and markers since I started using a Bullet Journal. I kept seeing organizers created with toilet paper rolls, so I started to save. I already had a few empty cans sitting around and a little box.

This is before. All I did was wrap the box, cans and some of the T.P. It is all fun wrapping paper I found at the Dollar Tree. I used an organizer I already had too, my daughter bought it for me so I needed to use it. Then, add the fun!

Wallah! I love it. It holds all my pens, markers, pencils, scissors and you can't see it but pencil sharpener too. It's so nice to have all my writing utensils in one place and easily accessible. All you need is just stuff you normally throw in the recycling bin and your imagination.

My second craft is DIY Crisco candles. I have seen these for awhile and normally I get candles for Christmas so I never run out, but this year I didn't so I actually am out of candles and with winters in Iowa, I love to burn candles. I watched this tutorial and went to get all my supplies. 
I love how the video is like "stuff you have around the house" Well I know for sure I have never cooked with Crisco, so that's out. I tried to use hemp yarn instead of cotton and that didn't work. I ran to Hobby Lobby and just grabbed a pack of 10 wicks.

I had to grab some jars because I got rid of all my recycling awhile ago and since changing my diet to all natural, I tend to not have much in the way of jars anymore. So, I followed the tutorial and also looked up others. I did not get the result that everyone says. Not one out of the eight I made, would stay lit. I don't know what I did for the result I got but I'm not to worried about it. 
I feel like doing crafts is all about the experience. Trying to create something out of a bunch of random things. That is why I don't get to upset when it doesn't work.
 You win some you lose some!

At least they looked pretty! haha

My last attempt to be crafty was making a canopy for my cousins playpen. I have had this long piece of fabric FOREVER. I never could find a good project for it, then I saw a cute finished product on Pinterest and was like "yeah, I can do that"
I bought a hula hoop and threw on some fabric. This was pretty basic because I don't even know that the first time my cousin goes in to take a nap she isn't going to pull it down. I won't be heartbroken if it gets ruined because I didn't put to much time into it.

With this kind of project you can be very creative or as plain as you want. I have even thought about making a big one for my own bed. 
I hope that my crazy attempts at being crafty has inspired you to try something. Go out to your recycling bin and make magic.