Thursday, February 18, 2016

Do you or Don't you...Microwave?

Alright, I just had to write this post. I was looking up recipes and found this one from Made by Margie where she uses a microwave to make some bread. 
Now this isn't the first time I have noticed in the comments how many people talk about how they would never use a microwave! like it's a horrible thing. Got me wanting to know what it is that makes a microwave such a bad thing.

 I first learned that a microwave oven uses a microwave of 12 centimeters in length to force the water and fat in the food to rotate, this rotation causes heat in turn it cooks the food. Thanks, Mission Science for that little tid bit.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulated the manufacture of microwave ovens since 1971. On the basis of current knowledge about microwave radiation, the Agency believes that ovens that meet the FDA standard and are used according to the manufacturer's instructions are safe for use.

So if the FDA stands behind the use of microwave ovens, then what is the big deal, I ask? The FDA also says that you lose no nutritional value when using a microwave oven instead of a conventional oven. 

I understand how people can have a negative reaction to the word radiation but maybe they should take the time to do a search like I did on how little radiation really comes from a microwave oven.

Doing a search though the internet brought up lots of info and I wanted real people's thoughts, not just the sciencey (I know it's not a word) stuff. 

Global Healing Center and Keeper of the Home talk about not using a microwave oven and touch on how they feel about it. They also give other options instead of a microwave oven. Then I found Marks Daily Apple and he said a lot of things that I was thinking and made me feel better about it.

*disclaimer: I am by no means a scientist and do not claim to be. I support everyone using whatever kitchen cooking appliance they want to. I just wanted to learn something I didn't know and figured I would share it. 

You used WHAT to clean that?

Since posting my new cleaning schedule I have been looking at alternative cleaning products also. I have animals and a little one running around my house so I am not a big fan of chemical laden products. I am going to show you what I found.

Most people know that you can mix baking soda and vinegar to make a cleaner. This is a common go to if you want a cleaner from household items, but what else is there?

Baby Oil
I don't have any stainless steel appliances but I'm sure one day I will and I'm sure lots of people do. I found this link that isn't a cleaner per-say but it's good to know if you have little fingers always touching stuff. That you for sharing this.

Dryer Sheets
Here is another one I would not have thought. Here is the link to this and multiple other examples of using stuff around the house in different ways.

Now most of us have heard that Coke will eat away battery acid so of course it should clean other things, right? I haven't ever tried it but I will if it really works. Here is a link to an article on how to use it to clean.

I have so many scratches in my wood floors so I am going to for sure try this one. Here is the link so you can see the results for yourself. I would love if I didn't have to rip up my flooring!

This is the weirdest one yet and it makes me wonder if I want to put this stuff in my mouth anymore. posted about using toothpaste to clean your toilets, EWW toilets, really! Well I guess if it works, here is the link.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Favorites Friday

I wanted to create and share a collection of stuff done with my favorite product, Chalk Art Markers. I found these markers on Pinterest and had to order them. I love them. You can write on any non-porous surface and it wipes right off. I have created a fun calendar on my fridge, little notes on mirrors and drawings on my laptop. 
(Some of these are just done with plain chalk also).

So I went through and found some fun ideas to share to help you get inspired.

* First of all I found post on chalkboard 101 and thought that this was a great intro. Here is the link to the post to help get you started.

* This link from is called Chalk it Up and it's not really about chalk or chalkboards but it has a few examples of chalk art posters that would be cute to do on a chalkboard somewhere.

I have got to share this. I'm so glad that I am not the only one who needs a little help making their chalkboards look good. Thank you buzzfeed for posting this hack!! I will be using it I'm sure because my hand-lettering hasn't gotten any better. 

* This is just a picture that I found on Pinterest, there is no website attached, just this link. It's a holiday theme

* Same with this one. Pinterest has plenty of inspiration that comes with no tutorials or explanations, just pictures of neat things. I don't want to post them because I don't want the creator to not get credit. This one was done by someone talented! It is about playing pool.

* You never know where you will find inspiration. This is a home decor website and they have displays of real homes with chalkboards in them.

I could go on and on and just copy everyone's Pinterests but I think I'll end it now hoping I got you thinking.

How to be motivated, even on a Monday.

I have been struggling with finding some motivation to keep going. I found some ways that I thought I would share. First up I found this article that I wanted to use as my starting point and comparison to see what I am already doing or what I could be doing. 
The article says that having a good Monday set the tone for the rest of the week, I agree with that a little. You can always turn a crappy week around though.

Waking up early

OK, so this IS something I do. I want to be able to workout because I am not an end of the day workout person. My alarm goes off at 4:45, M-F. They say that you should make time for yourself.


This I also DO, but not very reliably. I don't start the day with it but try to end the day with it. I have posted about meditation before in a way for me to learn about it. I am trying to make it a daily habit.

Personal Development

The article says that motivated people read or watch something inspirational or motivational for whatever time they have, first thing in the morning. Now this ISN'T something that I do. I have time after working out to read scriptures and then my day starts. I guess I could squeeze in an inspirational video.


This is something else I DON'T do. I do not eat until 9, which could be breakfast time but if you have been up since 4:45 that it's really not. I practice Intermediate Fasting.

Get moving

This something I DO! I love getting my workout done first thing in the morning. By the end of the week it does get harder than on Monday. The article recommends 20 minutes every day.

The next 2 suggestions have to do with business people, which I am not, so I didn't add them.

After reading that article it took me to other articles and I found one on making the most of your weekend. It suggests that if you want to have a good Monday, which will carry on into the week, you can't just sleep and get drunk all weekend. I agree with that. I feel like if I get nothing done on the weekend, then come Monday I am already falling behind.

So you can use the weekend to Plan.
The article talks about planning your time to be productive,which is a good idea, but I plan in a different way. I plan my meals and blogs for the week on Sundays.

The article touches on some of the other things like Exercise and getting up early, which who really wants to get up early on the weekend. I get up when my body tells me to get up. Usually by 7am.