Friday, April 22, 2016

5 fun Mother's Day gift ideas for little hands

My kids are all grow, but I love to see the fun things you can do with tiny little hands so I put a few of them together in one post.

1. "I love you this much" card:  Tutorial here

2. Butterfly card with poem:  Tutorial here

3. Hand-print flower bags:  Tutorial here

4. Hand-print flowers:  Tutorial here

5. Mother's Day Poem:  Tutorial here

I feel like Mother's Day is such a great day to give and receive wonderful homemade gifts. It means that you took the time to be creative with your own hands. 
YES, a piece of jewelry would be nice! but it doesn't come from the heart it comes from the store. 
I hope that you mothers out there have a wonderful day full of love! And when I say mothers I want to add that there are all sorts of ways to be a mother, it doesn't necessarily mean you gave birth to a human child :) I am a doggie mom. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Should you be lifting weights everyday?

My new goal is to be tone! Not bulky, but tone and that meant that I needed a plan. I thought "well, I'll just be doing weights everyday and some cardio".


Well Yes, just not the same muscles. Apparently when you lift weights you tear your muscle a little...who knew! Some say that it's OK to continue to train like that and some say give it rest. That's why I chose a workout that is a different muscle group each day.

VIA:   How to achieve results: You shouldn’t exceed training any body part for more than 2-3 times a week, with 3 being an exception. You shouldn’t hammer in any particular muscle group for more than six weeks, either. Your body needs its recovery time. It is recommended to include at least one full rest day per week. And do take a week off every two or three months.


I first went on and took a test to even see what body type I had. There are 3. Knowing this can help you figure out how you should be training. I am a mix of 2 and it helped me to figure out why I can't seem to stick with being a runner :)

Once you kind of have an idea of the way you should be working out then you can come up with a plan of attack. does have lots of plans that you can follow.

There is so much information out there that it might seem overwhelming at first. This is a good article about why women should be doing weight training.


We know that you shouldn't just jump in  with the heaviest weight you can lift and go till failure. That will for sure bring on an injury.  
Get your goals written down and a healthy menu planned out. Then you can start your plan and slowly work your way up to the body you want.

 I chose jim-stoppani-six-week-shortcut-to-shred- program. He sets it up very nice and after the first 3 weeks I can stop if I don't think it's working for me.

I had to share this funny Buzzfeed article about lifting. You will get a kick out of it if you are into lifting.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Why you should be keeping a fitness journal

A the beginning of the month I ordered a Garmin VivofitHR and started keeping a fitness journal. I ditched the FitBit because I want to focus on heart rate and toning. This is what I have learned so fr and why I think everyone on a fitness journey should keep a journal.

 Keeping track
"What workout did I do yesterday?" Have you ever asked yourself that? I HAVE! For someone with serious memory issues, keeping a journal is a must. I like to be switching up my workouts all the time so this way I know which ones I might want to go back to.

 Being accountable
There are so many ways that you can be accountable these days. So much social media you can put all your info on blast, but if you prefer to keep it private this is a good way. You can write motivational quotes, cut out fun, inspiration pictures and make it not feel like a chore.

Checking progress
This is kind of important when you are trying to bulk up. If you added weights one day, "Hey, how much weight did I add?" You can keep track of reps too. If you want to be upping your reps each week, this way you don't have to stress about keeping it in your brain, it's written down.

I'm glad I have started to fitness journal. It lets me see what I need to work on and gives me an idea of what I should just walk away from.

As far as my new Garmin, I'm not sure that I would recommend it to others.
I love that I can check my heart rate and steps anytime I want. It has a watch, which is convenient. Syncing to an app has been streamless and the app has great graphs. It does pretty much the same thing that a FitBit Charge HR does only you CAN wear it in the water.
I am constantly moving mine around because the band pinches my wrist. I guess that really is my only complaint, oh and it is 20$ more than the FitBit.